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Author: Paul Clare

14 June 2023

Why Your Optical Lab Needs a Strong Digital Presence and How to Build One

When a potential customer of your lab types "lens surfacing", "AR coating", or "optical lab near me" in a search engine such as Google or Bing, will your lab rank amongst the top results? Does your business have a website that accurately showcases your commercial offering and generates revenue for your business? Is your optical lab listed adequately on online directories such as Google My Business or Yelp? If you've answered no to the above questions, there's room to improve your lab's digital presence.   

According to HubSpot, "an online presence can be defined by how easy it is to find a brand or company online. It's important for building your brand's reputation, increasing brand awareness, and providing visibility to your products or services when users are searching for related keywords1".

The optical industry is changing rapidly, and with the advent of digital technology, optical labs can no longer rely solely on traditional marketing methods to reach their target audience. Your optical lab may be the best in its field, but if customers can't find you online, you won't get the attention your business deserves. Whether you're a small optical lab just starting or an established company processing thousands of jobs daily, this blog will give you the insights you need to succeed in the digital space. 

4 Reasons Why You Should Enhance your Optical Lab's Digital Presence  

#1 Increase brand awareness in your region

Ensure your lab is visible to optical practices and chains looking for your products and services online in your local area. The more online visibility, the more likely your offering will be discovered by new customers. In addition to sales growth, a professionally designed website leads to boosted customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. First impressions also matter online: a design has just 50 milliseconds to appeal to online browsers when they first land on your website. Google recently conducted their own research and determined that some users will form opinions in as little as 17 milliseconds (0.017 seconds)2.  

#2 Expand your reach 

A solid digital presence allows your optical lab to reach a wider audience. With a well-built, search-engine-optimized website, your optical lab can expand its reach beyond its local markets and tap into a global customer base. In addition, active and well managed social media accounts allow you to reach customers who might not have found you otherwise.

#3 Create new revenue streams

Have you ever thought of having a website with an eCommerce platform? The Consumers Insights Q1 2023 from The Vision Council shows that consumers purchasing multiple pairs of glasses or lenses were more likely to make those purchases online. You can create an extra source of income with an eCommerce website aimed at a niche eyewear sector, driving sales, or simply increasing website traffic and inquiry calls to your lab. 

Specs for Vets website banner. A man in the right corner smiling with an american flag as his background. On the left side of the image a 50% savings offer on eyewear for veterans.

#4 Offer an omnichannel customer experience

An omnichannel experience serves customers on all channels to create an integrated and cohesive customer experience, no matter how or where a customer reaches out3. So, having a Google my Business profile updated, with your contact information as well as a website and social media channels with optimized content and the correct tools, will enhance the overall customer experience. This range of online tools allows customers and potential customers to contact – and buy from you – via multiple channels and when it’s convenient for them. Features such as order tracking, online appointment booking, personalized recommendations, and virtual try-on options cater to the evolving needs of consumers. 

How to Build a Strong Online Presence 

Here are some things you need to pay attention in order to increase your optical lab's digital relevance.

Build a website

A website is the cornerstone of your lab's digital presence. It's where your potential customers will go for information about your business and services. Start by choosing experts in optical web design to provide a website that is a true representation of your optical business and brand, whilst providing a user-friendly experience with responsive content for both desktop and mobile device browsing. In addition, fill your site with quality content that answers your potential customer's questions, optimize it with the most relevant keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and craft tailored content for each social media channel.

Keep your content up to date on your website and social media platforms

Creating compelling and evergreen content is essential for a relevant digital presence. Publish content that answers your prospects' questions and needs. Consider varying the format, posting blogs, infographics, and videos and collecting testimonials from satisfied customers.  

Be active on social media 

Create professional profiles on social media platforms where your target audiences are. Social media offers both new and existing customers another channel to interact with your business. Post regularly to advertise your offerings, share your lab's expertise and keep your customers engaged with your business. Images and videos usually result in higher engagement.

Measure your results

It's essential not only to execute a strategy for an online presence but measure the results of your lab's online-geared actions to understand what is working and what needs to be adjusted. Some important KPIs to measure the success of your digital presence are website traffic, social media engagement and conversion rates on both your lab's website and social media channels.

Establishing a solid digital presence is critical to the success of any optical lab that will ultimately lead to increased revenue for your business. Managing an online presence efficiently requires time, effort and most importantly: digital marketing and websites technical expertise. Why not leave it to a team of Google-certified optical web professionals who can tailor the best online solutions for your lab? You can learn more about how to improve your online presence here.




Paul Clare, Co-Founder of OptiCommerce

Paul Clare is the co-founder of OptiCommerce, Ocuco’s specialist team of optical website design and digital marketing experts. Paul jointly created OptiCommerce in 2008 with a UK-based ophthalmologist to provide digital services to the optical industry. Currently, OptiCommerce has hundreds of clients across the globe, including independents, optical chains and laboratories. 

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