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Presented by: Dr. Síofra Harrington Ph.D.

Clinical Lecture: See Well, Play Well, and Be Well

We all know that staying healthy at any age requires engaging in some form of physical exercise. But have you considered how sporting activities might benefit children’s eye health, particularly throughout childhood? 

During the lecture See Well, Play Well, and Be Well: The Relationship Between Vision, Physical Activity and BMI in Schoolchildren, Doctor Síofra Harrington reveals the results of a cross-sectional epidemiological study which investigated whether refractive error and vision problems in children are associated with increased sedentary behaviour and reduced physical activity and sports participation.


Doctor Síofra Harrington is a lecturer, researcher, clinical supervisor with the School of Physics and Clinical and Optometric Sciences at Technological University Dublin, Ireland. 


She is a fellow of the Association of Optometrists Ireland (AOI). Doctor Harrington is the principal investigator for the Ireland Eye Study, which reported the prevalence of ametropia, amblyopia, and vision impairment in schoolchildren in Ireland. Doctor Harrington is the first author of six peer-reviewed academic publications and numerous academic poster presentations reporting Ireland Eye Study findings.