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Evidence-Based Myopia Management – Clinical Implications of the New Standard of Care

Watch Professor James Loughman's lecture to learn more about the evolution in the standard of care for Myopia management.

See Well, Play Well, and Be Well

Doctor Síofra Harrington reveals the results of a cross-sectional epidemiological study which investigated whether refractive error and vision problems in children are associated with increased sedentary behavior and reduced physical activity and sports participation.

Talking Unicorns: Why paediatric eyecare is not that scary

Paediatric optometry can be intimidating for some practitioners. Watch this webinar and get the right tools to facilitate the management of eyecare during childhood.

Myopia Boom: Public Health Concerns and Future Management Strategy

Take this chance to hear one of the foremost experts on Myopia speak about the treatment and causes of the condition.

Myopia and Vision Loss: Can Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Help to Quantify the Problem?

This webinar explores the latest findings in epidemiological data and the implications for clinical practice.

Bytesize Library - series of Ocuco's Digital Marketing Tutorials

Our team of experts have created a series of digital marketing tutorials, designed to improve your online presence and tap into new opportunities to recapture revenue and remain resilient.