Ming Yue Optical

Innovations LMS acts as a secure central point for all manufacturing data in the Rx lab.

Tim Zhao – Director

We met up with Tim Zhao from Ming Yue Optical and asked him what he thinks about Innovations.

We are happy to recommend the Innovations LMS due to its advanced functionality and the excellent technical team who stand behind it.


Ming Yue Optical are the largest independent ophthalmic lenses manufacturer in China and a well-established name in the industry. Having a strong focus on manufacturing and R&D, Ming Yue Optical became the world’s largest resin lens producer at the end of 2015, with the addition of its 220,000 square-metre production facility.


In 2017, Ming Yue Optical wanted to move away from multiple point solutions which caused manual data entry, a lack of production flexibility and difficulties with accurate report creation.


Innovations LMS acts as a secure central point for all manufacturing data in the Rx lab by linking to all OMA compatible equipment, Lens Design Systems and related 3rd party systems. The Innovations integration kit facilities two-way communication – jobs flow into the system via EDI, statuses are returned, including inventory, lens selection, and job tracking statuses. Ming Yue now have access to the future upgrades and updates released by the Innovations LMS development team plus full technical support in their time zone.

Key Results

  • Control all aspects of the lab through a single system, all data available from a central point
  • No double entry of jobs between surfacing, glazing or freeform
  • All jobs flow automatically into Innovations
  • Secure audit trail of all settings changes and all changes made to orders within the program
  • Reporting – ability to produce detailed production reports at any time in real-time

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