SMS Module


Deliver Outstanding Service and Stay Current with your Customers

Ocuco’s SMS add-on provides a range of automated processes proven to maintain effective communication with patients and enhance the customer service offered by a practice. SMS appointment reminders are set by the user to be sent to patients a number of days, hours, and / or minutes before their scheduled attendance; this service significantly reduces the occurrence of no-shows, curtailing time wastage and potential loss of earnings resulting from a vacant appointment.

The SMS add-on informs your patients when their orders are ready for collection, proven to improve customer satisfaction through the timely delivery of spectacles. Also, SMS can be configured to deliver Recall reminders, marketing queries, and ad-hoc communications.

Includes 1,000 Messages – 10¢ per message (per practice)

Quoted price for software only. Additional installation and training fees may apply. All software license purchases subject to 15% support fee, unless obtained through subscription.