Patient Education Suite Subscription

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Patient Education Suite


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The Easy and Effective way to Explain Everything to your Patients.

The Patient Education Suite integrates with your PMS to provide optical professionals with a full set of tools with which to advise and inform their patients. The add-on comes with a full complement of information booklets packaged in the practice’s branding. These booklets can be provided to patients as printed copies or emailed as attachments, in place of the bland generic information booklets that are supplied by healthcare providers.

The suite can be launched fully from your PMS or provide access to animations appropriate to each stage of the patient journey. For example, the Tonometry examination will provide quick access to animations on Glaucoma to aid a user explaining their diagnosis; the CL Rx screen will provide quick access to animations on the correct procedures for inserting and removing contact lenses to help guide new patients. The user can draw diagrams on top of the animations and capture stills to highlight aspects for their patients. These animations, alongside the booklets, can be emailed to patients. Links are displayed at the end of each animation to related content, and activity is logged and tracked for statistics and reporting. The patient education suite will help you professionally and effectively communicate all ophthalmic information to patients.