OCT / OPTOS Integration Subscription

72.00 / month

OCT / OPTOS Integration

€72 /month

Quoted price for software subscription and support.



€2,150 once off

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Fluidly import your Optical Coherence Tomography captures into patient records.

The OCT Imaging link can be purchased in addition to the standard Imaging add-on, and allows still images to be captured from Optical Coherence Tomography machines and imported into your PMS, in a similar manner to fundus images. This can be configured to be a manual or automatic process, depending on the OCT software. OCT images can be viewed and manipulated in the same manner as fundus images; allowing multiple filters, edits and exports, while maintaining an authentic copy of the image record in its original resolution.

Currently, those customers using Topcon OCTs with a Topconnect licence, and those with Nidek OCTs using the latest version of Navis Ex can have their patients linked between the PMS and OCT software so that only need to maintain one set of patient records. The number of vendors with which this configuration can be applied is growing with our continuous development for this relatively new field in optics.

Requires Acuitas Imaging core license. Price is per camera.