Logix Professional Licence


Logix Professional

€42 /month


€1250 once off

Quoted price for software only. All software license purchases subject to 15% support fee.

Additional installation and training fees may apply.

Stay informed and make the right decisions with comprehensive business intelligence.

Logix Professional provides users with a powerful set of business intelligence tools that transform PMS data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis; delivering clinical and retail practice analysis on patients, recalls, examinations, handovers, stock, orders, appointments and the allocation of appointments. Users apply filters and run queries on whatever aspect of their business they wish to review, and the information is displayed in a tabular report format. These reports can be grouped to provide specific measurements, used to generate charts, diagrams or histograms, and printed or exported for use in third party software (such as Excel).

The following are just a few examples of the multiple applications of the Logix add-on: The information generated by Logix can be used to produce effective marketing campaigns; patients can be grouped by their purchase history, and demographic. Practice staff performance can be reviewed by their throughput of patients served, conversion rates, and revenue generated. And goods can be analysed to ascertain brand performance, stock movement, and cost of sales. Not limited to single practice use, Logix can integrate with enterprise platforms to provide comprehensive statistics for your entire group and every individual aspect therein.

Simon Hirst, Ocuco’s product manager for Logix, describes the advantages of Logix Business Analytics.