Goodlooking Optics

Up 15-16 percent on turnover

Garry Kousoulou

Established in Enfield in 2004 Good Looking Optics offers a unique and very personal eye-care service. Over ten years their charismatic director, Garry Kousoulou, helped to shape an optical practice offering a boutique experience with the highest standards of customer care. In 2014 Good Looking Optics made the decision to purchase the Acuitas PMS; we caught up with Garry Kousoulou at Optrafair 2015 and asked him to share his experiences working with Ocuco, and the software, as a new customer.

A process that would take 10-15 minutes, is now taking 10-15 seconds.

“My name is Garry Kousoulou, I have a practice in Enfield town which is on the outskirts of London; it’s called good looking optics.

Acuitas has streamlined the efficiency of the practice, because when you are looking at the operational side it really ticks every box of the procedure. I think it saves – we’re up around fifteen / sixteen percent on turnover, because we get more time to spend with the patient, because everything is much smoother. A process that would take ten minutes / fifteen is now taking ten / fifteen seconds; so you’re saving me time, and I can put that energy into other things, so I’m very happy.

If I was to describe Ocuco to my colleagues / friends. I’d talk about the process, the process of implementation. The professionalism of when you guys come in. I was very stressed, and your sales team, your aftercare. The implementation is seamless, perfect. So then, after that, it becomes, it saves you time. If you’re putting all of your systems and procedures in place, you become streamlined.
And then I talk about if there’s any need for support, I talk about your support center and I’m very happy. I can only talk from experience, I am one happy customer who’s making more money and it’s saving me time, that’s what I care about. And I think that sells.”

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