D & H Hantman Opticians

Essentially paperless

David Hantman

D & H Hantman Optometrists was established in Preston Road, Wembley in 1980 by David Hantman. Their reputation for excellent service reaches beyond Preston Road and the surrounding area, attracting patients from all over Northwest London and Hertfordshire; many of whom have been coming back to D & H Hantman Optometrists for 30 years, bringing 3 generations of their family with them.

In 2014 we met David Hantman at Optrafair, where we asked him to share his experiences using Acuitas for nearly a decade.

We use every piece, every module we've got, and we are essentially paperless.

We’re a small independent practice, and we’ve had Acuitas since 2005, January. And we’ve had many experiences with it, but one of the things I like particularly about Ocuco is the Support.

We had an experience a few weeks ago where we had to log in, we were upgrading our terminals from XP to windows 7, and it was through the night, and it was great that we were able to get support, as it turns out from Canada, and again it was as if we were talking to someone around the corner, and no hassle, just sorted, and it was brilliant, and I would recommend Ocuco, Acuitas, and I do.

We use every piece, every module we’ve got, and we are essentially paperless. That was the whole idea of getting it. We looked at all of the products that were available at the time and we went with Acuitas. We realized it wasn’t the cheapest, but sometimes you need to get the best. And we felt, genuinely, it was the best.

We’re using it for all clinical details, for the patient journey it is total, they’ll come in, they’ll have already been put into the electronic diary, then they go through for refraction, so, all clinical details, refractive details, contact lens details go in. Retinal camera, the digital retinal camera is linked up so we’ve got patient images that we can call up at any time. Then it gets passed through to dispensing, the dispensing module for spectacles or contact lenses, the prescription is pulled through from refraction. Right through to the wonderful till program and, of course, the bread and butter which is recall.

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