Adaptive Design Technology

The All-Encompassing Digital Free Form LDS

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Contour’s Adaptive Design Assistant is a revolutionary design selection technology which provides an interface for eye-care professionals and patients. This interface assesses the active feedback of the user to produce the ideal progressive lens for the wearer. The entire process is completed in under 3 minutes, and includes treatment and alternative pair suggestions to support the attending eye-care professional’s recommendations. Not only is the process quick and easy for patients and practitioners alike, but also the generated design results in excellent digital free form single vision, occupational and progressive lenses.

Contour is Ocuco’s flagship lens design software (LDS). Ocuco, in collaboration with Indizen Optical Technology and a team of optical professionals, designed, developed and tested many iterations of the software before arriving on the ideal digital free form LDS. Software that combines the latest free form designs with an advanced fitting technology that simplifies the entire process for eye-care professionals and patients.

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The Contour Advantage

Ocuco has been providing optical, clinical, retail, lab and lens calculation software for over 30 years. Labs that adopt the Contour lens design software secure a partnership with the world’s foremost lab software company. These labs benefit from Ocuco’s expansive experience, premier support and development, advanced technology and market penetration.

Ocuco is supporting wholesale independent labs by marketing the Contour product directly to eye-care professionals and patients alike. The selling features for the product are based on the aforementioned advantages of speed, convenience and accuracy listed above. Customers, both eye-care professionals and patients, are funneled back to the Independent labs distributing Contour by Ocuco, the trusted industry leader for Lab Management and Practice Management Systems.

Optical Software Excellence

Contour is positioned as a branded, mid to high priced, lens design software. It is the only LDS offered by a vendor with full 360 degrees industry coverage. Ocuco is the expert in software integration between practice and lab software; providing installation, training and support services that cannot be rivaled.

The Contour LDS can replace the latest competitor brands, old progressive designs, traditionally surfaced designs and low technology products, due to its leading edge free form designs and streamlined dispensing system. Contour is fast, comprehensive and convenient; the best choice for patients, eye-care practitioners and optical labs maximizing the profits and market share of participating independent labs.

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