Every Clinical Requirement in One Interface

A fully integrated Ophthalmology software solution, suitable for any size practice or clinic;

supporting clinicians and staff throughout every medical and administrative workflow.


Supporting the complete patient journey from one application, with immediate access to all information from triage to the consulting room.


Quickly and easily retrieve every patient record, image and referral from one interface. Saving users time, space, and the effort of manual organising and storage.


More than 1,500 unique configurations, including clinical examinations, checklists, and workflows, adjusted to perfectly tailor Acuitas Clinical to your requirements.


Effortlessly manage appointments, including automated patient reminders and pre-surgery messages through printed letters, emails and SMS messages.


Advanced communication tools across all mediums, maintaining timely and accurate engagement with all patients and medical referrals.


Keep all your patient and practice data safe, accurate and intact. Protected from lost records, accidental damage, degraded images or human errors.


User-friendly interfaces and comprehensive training makes Acuitas Clinical accessible to all users, whatever their level of computer expertise.


The largest accredited Support and Development teams in the industry, working round the clock to keep our customers operational.


Connecting all facets of your Ophthalmic Practice: Camera, Diagnostic Equipment, Peripherals, Online Resources and Third-Party Systems.

Optimise all clinical and administrative processes

Acuitas Clinical supports all clinical and administrative professionals; streamlining the complete patient journey, improving efficiencies, and providing continuity of service for all patients.

Supporting Clinicians and Staff

Acuitas Clinical provides Ophthalmologists with a highly configurable and secure software solution, allowing clinicians to create optimised workflows, custom checklists, clinical examination fields, medical Rx templates, and clinical overview summaries to name a few. From appointment to examination and follow-on communication, Acuitas Clinical manages most practice administration and support tasks, including patient appointments, billing and reports. Gathering all patient data into the system through each touch point and integrated equipment interface; ensuring no lost records, duplications, or rekeying errors.

Integrated and Paperless

Acuitas Clinical completes the entire patient journey without using any printed documents or transferring to any third-party system record. The fully integrated process is configured for the user at each stage, Ophthalmologists and supporting staff only access the information that is relevant to their function through the one application interface. All user interactions with Acuitas Clinical are subject to the software’s audit trail, which ensures that all changes are recorded and tracked, maintaining accuracy and security for all clinical, billing and patient records. This functionality extends to all linked equipment and third-party software, faithfully recording all images and data to the corresponding patient records.

Communications and Scheduling

Recording all patient data, including the full details of their GPs and associated health professionals, Acuitas Clinical significantly reduces the administrative burden and time investment required to keep active correspondence with said patients and medical referees. Acuitas Clinical can generate referrals during a patient visit, automate recall letters and emails, and send scheduled appointment and Pre-Surgery reminder SMS messages; maintaining active and regular engagement with patients and medical professionals linked directly with the system’s diary.