Choose additional features to enhance your optical business

Add-ons are designed to accommodate the needs of a growing practice, such as our range of equipment links, backups, and eCommerce modules; or to enhance specific processes that will add exceptional value to the Practice Management Software (PMS) for targeted customers, like the Payments and Supply Manager (PaSM), Mobile Records, and a commissions module. Browse our collection of powerful add-ons to find the right tools for your practice.

Ocuco is constantly developing software to meet the evolving needs of the optical industry. Providing innovative new software to improve the efficiency of your business and practice processes, and taking advantage of new technology such as our OCT imaging integration add-on. Many of the applications we develop are incorporated into our software’s core services, like the recent Adaro integration, and these are delivered to our customers via regular software updates.


SMS Module

Deliver Outstanding Service and Stay Current with your Customers.


Save money by block buying SMS

SMS Survey Module

Monitor patient satisfaction, retain customers and influence buying behaviour with SMS surveys controlled directly from your PMS.

Omnichannel Tools


Open the doors to your Online Practice, welcoming your customers to 24/7 service.

Web Diary

Give your patients the convenience of booking with you even when the practice is closed. An integrated and managed online booking system.

Business Intelligence

Logix Professional

Stay informed and make the right decisions with comprehensive business intelligence.

Logix Pro Report Pack – Sales Data Mart

Determine the best sales strategies.

Sales tools

3D Lens Viewer

On-screen visuals of the final lens shape and thickness.

iPad App

Get your practice moving – appointment check-in, dispensing and collections on-the-go.

Commissions Module

Enthusiasm is contagious, galvanise your staff into delighting your customers and driving your revenue.

Patient Education Suite

The easy and effective way to explain eye conditions, products and services to your patients.

Back Office

Payments and Supply Manager

Offer your patients payment options for contact lens and spectacle orders and automate payment, supply and communication.

Sage Accounts Integration

Sage Account Reporting made easy, complete all your accounts with one push of a button.

Online Backup

Ensuring that your data is secure, faithful and accessible in any eventuality.

Imaging & Equipment

The industry’s largest catalog of equipment links. See the complete list of compatible devices here.

Acuitas Imaging

Ensuring secure and faithful image records, with the tools you need to deliver the best optical care.

OCT / OPTOS Integration

Fluidly import your Optical Coherence Tomography captures into patient records.

Scanner Link

Connect your Scanner and transfer paper-based documents and images directly into your Practice Management System.

Digital Centration Integration

Connect your leading-edge PMS and digital centration devices.

Read-Only Equipment Links

Integrate your optical equipment for a more efficient and secure optical business.

Fundus/Anterior Camera Link

Automated and secure storage of all images in full definition.

Read/Write Equipment Links

Full integration between your PMS and Hardware’s own proprietary systems.

Special Tools


Open a whole new revenue stream with one strategic investment.

Venue Management Module

Large scale domiciliary service software.

Cloud Image Replication and Archiving

Safe and effective cloud storage for your ever amassing image data.

Mobile Records

Everything you need for complete domiciliary service.


Dumbbell Labels

Suitable for use with the Zebra TLP 2824 printer, Ocuco’s dumbbell labels securely wrap around the arm/temple of any spectacle frame.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Zebra 5095 High-Performance resin thermal transfer ribbon for use with the Zebra TLP 2824 barcode printer.

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