COVID-19 has changed consumer buying trends.

Ocuco’s eCommerce customers have seen a triple-digit increase in online sales. 

In response to the challenges faced by our customers, Ocuco’s eCommerce Team, OptiCommerce have developed the eCommConnect Platform for optical practices.

The eCommConnect Platform allows your business to recapture revenue, boost your online presence and protect your business against large online retailers while the world is staying indoors.

Features include:

Rapid, plug and play project completion. Get your eCommerce platform live quickly!

Customised look and feel, providing a seamless brand experience for your customers

Tailored catalogue explicitly matched to your in-house frames

Contact lens module for easy reorders from existing and new customers

Fast and reliable processing of frame orders and reorders

Fully integrated and managed VTO from FittingBox

Multiple payment gateway systems supported e.g. Paypal, Sagepay, WorldPay

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Brillman Optik has been using Ocuco’s eCommConnect Platform since 3 June 2020 to enhance its sales capabilities, recapture revenue online and meet clients’ needs as the world adapts to the “new normal”.

Urquhart Opticians Case Study 

Ocuco - Urquhart Opticians Case Study Screenshot

Urquhart Opticians has been using Ocuco’s eCommConnect Platform since 14 July 2020 to offer an enhanced level of customer service, recapture revenue online and protect their business against online competition.

Östman Optik Case Study 

Ocuco - Ostman Optik Case Study Screenshot

Östman Optik has been using Ocuco’s eCommConnect Platform since 3 June 2020 to remain competitive in an evolving local optical market where practices in the region already had online eCommerce shops.