it’s our responsibility to have a positive impact on our community and environment

Ocuco, by virtue of our business, is deeply involved in the eye-care and information technology industries. The people who make up our company bring their interests, values and passions to their work. And this shapes Ocuco’s philosophy; we believe that all people should have access to perfect vision, and we believe that technological innovation and good business are the means to secure this right for every human being. As part of Ocuco’s commitment to this principle, we exercise our social responsibility through the following projects and practices:


Ocuco Invites 2nd level, comprehensive and high-school, students to complete their gap year with our company and gain work experience with a real-world software development firm; preparing them for the interview process, working to a schedule in a commercial environment, and practical training and encouragement for students aspiring to careers in IT, marketing and finance.

With the hope of inspiring young entrepreneurs, we invite classes of students to visit our head office and hear directly from Ocuco’s founder & CEO, Leo MacCanna, about starting and running a company. We also offer IT graduates a workspace, resources and mentoring to develop their ideas and start-up companies.

Every year, Ocuco invites 3rd level university students studying for IT, business or related degrees, to complete a 6 month paid internship at our Dublin headquarters. Many of our interns have chosen to stay with Ocuco for full time employment once they have completed their course of study.


Jason Smyth is a record breaking sprinter holding five gold medals from the last three Paralympic games. He has placed first for every men’s T13 100m and 200m since 2008, setting the record time for both events. The fastest Paralympian in history, Jason is closing on his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympic games, fractions of a second from qualifying for the last two.

Ocuco is very proud to continue sponsoring Jason Smyth in his athletic career, having every confidence in his ability, fortitude and integrity. We feel that he was the perfect choice for our brand ambassador, embodying all the qualities that Ocuco endeavors to constitute. An Irish independent competing at the top of their field, ambitiously branching out, and determined to be the best.

Jason was diagnosed with Stargardt disease at the age of 8, an illness causing macular degeneration, which took 90% of his vision. This did not deter Jason from a life-long love of sports and, while playing soccer at age 15, his natural running ability was discovered. Six years later he won his first two Paralympic Gold medals in Beijing, two more at the 2012 London Games, and his latest gold medal in the 2016 Rio Games.

Charity and Sight

Ocuco is partnered with Optometry Giving Sight, the only global fundraising organization that specifically targets the prevention of blindness and impaired vision due to uncorrected refractive error. Optometry Giving Sight trains eye care professionals and creates vision centers in developing countries so that their populations can have access to eye examinations and prescription spectacles.

Ocuco supports Sightsavers, an independent international charity working in developing countries to treat and prevent avoidable blindness; and promote equality, education and support for people with visual impairments and other disabilities.


Ocuco’s software is designed to allow optical practices to drastically reduce their dependence on paper through the use of electronic patient records and examinations, electronic ordering and benefit submissions, and emailed or SMS patient reminder and marketing correspondence. Equally, Ocuco’s offices strongly promote a paperless office practice.