Robert Shanbaum, Ocuco Advisor (Former President Ocuco USA)

Following the acquisition of the Innovations software business by Ocuco Ltd. in 2007, Robert Shanbaum became President of the Ocuco Inc., Ocuco Ltd.’s newly formed American subsidiary. During his time at Ocuco, Robert was responsible for all of Ocuco Inc.’s management decisions, and for directing all subordinate staff functions within said subsidiary; cascading strategies, operations and policy decisions from Ocuco Ltd.’s CEO, Leo Mac Canna.

Robert began his career in the optical industry at age 15, picking lenses in his father’s wholesale laboratory in Texas. In the 1970’s he founded Peepers, a chain of optical boutiques in Dallas. Later, Robert formed Visiontech, selling machinery and software to optical labs. His popular RxCalc program was acquired by Gerber Optical and Robert moved to Connecticut to help design and develop the Innovations Lab Software.

Robert has now retired but remains a valued advisor and lab expert within the Ocuco group.

Robert Shanbaum