Plastic Plus Ltd

The calculations that come out of it are pristine.

Paul Faibish

We met up with Paul Faibish from Plastic Plus Limited and asked him what he thinks about Innovations.

They understood what we needed, they understand the requirements.

We are the largest independent lab in Canada. We process one thousand jobs a day. 99% of our progressive lenses are free form, we deal with Seiko, Rodenstock, IOT and we have a fully automated state of the art lab. First off, we couldn’t grind a lens without it, but it handles absolutely everything accounting, lab processing, inventory, reporting, everything.

We have been using their LMS for 31 or 32 years now. They understood what we needed, they understand the requirements. We pretty well use all of the elements, everything from Innovations, lab processing, lab inventory, remote ordering, WIP reports. I am pretty sure we use all the elements that are available to us.

The calculations that come out of it are pristine, the point files with our three different freeform vendors work perfectly, everything just works. With regards to support, they are very good. Any request that you put in the online help desk software will be dealt with in a very efficient manner and state. I visit labs all over the world and I always look at the LMS’ they use. There is nothing I see available elsewhere that we don’t have.

Updates are done on a regular basis and really there’s been no issue whatsoever. The updates allow for a better workflow and for information, there are no problems whatsoever. The value of price, nobody can touch it.


Their flexibility, nobody can touch it. And they are also cutting edge. They know what’s out there now, they have a pretty good idea of what’s coming down the road. Unquestionably they are the company to partner with.

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