Indizen Optical Technologies Lenses

The independent free form specialist

Complete free form LDS with ground-breaking Digital Ray-Path surfacing technology

Indizen Optical Technologies (IOT) are the world’s most popular Lens Design Software (LDS) supplier, with more integrated installations than any other vendor. IOT are an independent company that offer complete and flexible free form solutions for producing the highest quality customized progressive, occupational and single vision lenses. They do not sell lenses, blanks or consumables; IOT focus entirely on developing advanced digital lens production technology, specializing in free form lens design.

IOT’s Digital Ray-Path digital surfacing technology fully optimizes free form lenses that are unique to each patient. This leading edge technology eliminates oblique aberration from lateral gaze direction by patterning the back edge of the lens to focus on the fovea from every direction. For a single vision user this provides clarity from centre to edge, unlike a conventional lens where only the optical centre provides full visual acuity, the improvement being more pronounced for higher prescriptions and wrap frames.

Applying the prescription entirely to the back edge of the lens also increases the field of view for progressive users, and the Digital Ray-Path surfacing ensures that the free form lens is entirely bespoke to the end user who will experience immediate accommodation, as though they were trying a pair of single vision lenses; unlike a conventional progressive there is no blurring or ‘swim & sway’ effect.

IOT can be seamlessly integrated with Innovations, Ocuco’s all-embracing lab management system. Providing labs with rapid implementation, and comprehensive training ensuring fast customer acceptance and satisfaction.

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