Dermot Walsh, Chief Revenue Officer

Dermot Walsh is the Chief Revenue Officer for Ocuco Ltd. He is responsible for all revenue across all business units. Dermot sits on Ocuco’s Corporate Management Team and leads Ocuco’s global sales and marketing team. He works closely with other departments to ensure the customer’s voice features heavily in product development and that customer service exceeds expectations.

Dermot began his career with Ocuco after completing a BSc (Hons) in Information Technology from the Institute of Technology, Blanchardstown (ITB). Starting as a Professional Services Engineer in the Operations Department, Dermot’s aptitude for sales was recognised during one of Ocuco Ltd.’s largest European product rollouts. Following this he was inducted into Ocuco’s Sales Department, where he successfully negotiated many of Ocuco Ltd.’s most lucrative sales, both domestic and international, advancing Dermot to his current position.