Robert Shanbaum has been working in the optical industry since he was 15, picking lenses in his father’s wholesale laboratory in Dallas. The family business allowed him to become familiar with an array of industry sectors including retail, frame and lens manufacturing, and wholesale laboratory operations. In the 1970’s Robert founded his own chain of optical boutiques in Dallas (“Peepers”). And in the 1980’s he started another business, first selling machinery to optical labs before expanding into lab software, where he developed the popular “RxCalc” application that was later sold to Gerber Optical.

Robert led the design and development of the Innovations LMS in the late 1990’s. During this period he also worked extensively on the development of, now mandated, OMA standards for communication between lab software and lab machines. In 2007 the Innovations software business was acquired by Ocuco Ltd., and Robert became president of Ocuco Ltd. In October of 2013 Robert was inducted into the Vision Council’s Optical Pioneers Hall of Fame for his lifetime of contributions to the optical industry.


Innovations is the most widely distributed Lab Management System in the world, serving large, medium and small retail and wholesale labs. Over 2500 labs use the system, as well as 5 of the top 10 US optical retailers.


Contour Lens Design Software combines the latest digital free form designs with advanced fitting technology, to provide patients with excellent single vision, occupational, complex, bifocal and progressive lenses.